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We are runners.  We are triathletes.  We are cyclists.  We are swimmers.  We are mountain bikers.   


We have a knowledgeable staff with experience in all types of racing including running events from 5K's to marathons, triathlons from sprint to full Ironman distances, mountain bike races, criteriums, cyclocross & adventure races. We do event timing because we love racing. Our goal is to make every race a great experience for each racer. 


Based out of Central Connecticut, we serve the entire New England area. 

Event Coordinator
Event Timer

I have been a race director since the mid 80’s and have competed in numerous triathlons, marathons and shorter running events.  In 2012 I was tired of having to deal with timing companies for my events so I decided to start my own.  Timing Plus New England was born.  I vowed that my company would not be just a timing company. We pride ourselves on helping the race director from beginning to end. Our job is to make race day a seamless and great experience for both the race director and the athlete.



Lead Timer

Kent has completed several triathlons ranging from sprints to Ironman. After years of competing, he decided to pursue another interest of his, the technology behind timing races. With a degree in Computer Science and Engineering and an enjoyment for athletics, he has always been interested in the technology around sports.


He now spends most weekends timing races but hopes to get back to competing as well.

Lead Timer

A triathlete and avid runner it didn't take more than two months in a cubicle for Amanda to realize that her passion for racing could translate to full-time timing position. 


In the past several years Amanda has completed several marathons posting a qualifying time for the Boston Marathon in 2012, 5 half Ironman triathlons and two Ironman triathlons.  She's proud of a sub-20 minute 5K PR and winning the jump rope contest in elementary school.

Lead Timer

Our resident cycling expert, Henry has completed numerous mountain bike races, crits, cyclocross events and begrudgingly triathlons.  He's completed a marathon, 2 half Ironman triathlons and many short course cycling and running events. 


After 7 years in the Army, his organization, timeliness and task oriented attitude is invaluable as one of our most experienced Lead Timers.  When he's not timing events he is working at a local bike shop.

Event Timer

Ken brings some legitimacy to our claim that we're all 'athletes'.  After an impressive four year college cross country career at Bates College, Ken claims fame for a 14:50 5K PR and a win at the New England Small College Athletic Conference 10K.  


We're glad that he's fast and understands the running world inside out because pop-up tents and collapsable tables are still a struggle for him.  If you see him at a race you better hope he's in at TPNE t-shirt and not his running shorts.  


“We've got an unbelievable team.  I'm thankful every weekend to have a great staff that truly cares about the athletes we're timing. They get up early and work hard to make sure things go smoothly for your event. Don't worry if you see us dancing along to the music or hoarding Halloween candy - thats how we work best, come say hi and get to know us." 

Billy Honeck, Events Coordinator

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