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Why TPNE?  Because your relationship with your event timer starts long before the gun goes off.  


We offer numerous services to help streamline the registration/race process, great technology that helps enhance the athlete experience and most importantly FAST & ACCURATE race results.  Don't see what you're looking for here?  Hop over to the Contact Us page and ask how we can help your specific event.  



As a Race Director you have plenty of event details to worry about - thats why we offer to set-up on-line registration for all of our events through Its Your Race.  This registration platform is FREE to the race director and user friendly for particiapants The best part? TPNE handles the majority of the event set-up, but you retain access to the event dashboard where you can track registration numbers, monetary intake and other event details. The registration forms are customizable and registration funds are sent directly to you.  


Its Your Race combines registration and results in one easy to use platform. 


Click here to learn more.




Whether your event has 50 or 5000 particiapnt's we want to make sure that they have a finish line experience.  Fencing, banners and/or cones are used to create a visible finish line chute.  Bright LED race clocks help athletes and spectators keep an eye on the race time.  The finish line is marked by an overhead truss that holds the timing antennas.  The truss has an adjustable width to accomadate different venues and event sizes.  We are happy to accomodate your event finish line banner or to provide our own!


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Want to make your event special? Pick an awesome venue and put on some good tunes to set the mood.  


Our system is run off of portable generators which means that we DO NOT need electricity to run our equipment.  So pick out that perfect spot and tell us where to set-up.


For all of our events we are happy to provide a PA system at no extra charge. We will provide one or two 800 watt speakers with a wireless microphone.  The PA can be used for music and we encourage you to grab the mic to make race announcments, educate athletes about your event's cause and also to do the awards ceremony.  





Gone are the days of scrolling through twenty pages of text results to find your times.  Our searchable results page allows the athlete's to search by first name, last name or bib number to easily find their race results.  Athletes may also filter results by age group and gender to see how they did compared to their peers.  


Once results are official participant's can download a finisher's certificate for the event.  



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